Frointerofly is the leading flight search and booking portal that allows you to make reservations at reasonable prices. This page of the privacy policy is important to us and you. This page is created to keep you aware of your privacy concerns and includes what data we collect from you, how it is used, and how Frointerofly protects it.

Before you use this website, it is advisable to read this privacy policy first.

What Data We Collect?

ForntierOFly asks for or collects information such as your name, surname, email address, address, contact number, postal address, IP address, age, and your current location. We may also collect information about your travel details in order to provide you services that you have requested for.

How Do We Collect Your Data?

We collect your information through the direct and indirect sources. Direct source is when you share your information yourself by filling the form available on our website, through the mail, or via a phone call. This information includes your name, address, email address, age, and contact details.

The indirect source of collecting your data is via cookies that we use on our website. The information we collect indirectly is your IP address, current location, the page you visit on our website, and the time you spent on our website.

Why We Store Your Data?

We store your data to fulfill the service request you have made and to send you promotional deals. We also use it to understand what our customers want and how we can enhance our services to meet their travel concerns.

How We Protect Your Data?

Our website is designed in a way to provide you a safe and secure flight booking experience. We use an SSL certificate to make our website secure. We believe customers’ security is paramount for us. We don’t share your details with third-party without your consent and strive to follow the highest security standards to keep your information safe.

What if I Don’t Agree to This Privacy Policy?

If you don’t agree with this privacy policy then it is advised not to use this website or the services offered by it. We are bound to believe that you agree to these policies if you continuously use the services offered by this website after a disagreement.

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